Last Night I Dreamt Of Things I Could Do In My Sleep

rr spike

I deposited my last despot in a fog bank.

Air filled my lungs like a dog pillow.

I chased my tail until I fell exhausted

Like a good idea at the advent of a paradigm shift.


I lit out for the west coast with Jesus Christ

Who at that time, if you can remember,

Was referring to himself as “The Friend of God.”

Admittedly, there was some heavy shit going down


And if I had been half the man I wanted to be

Then it would have taken twice the effort

To spare him the rod and spoil that child.

Now? I’m still in the market for a knife


Its handle like a Hurst shifter

Five speeds forward and five more in reverse

Where one day I hope to run into myself;

Then that blade might come in handy



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