Kiting Checks


In the spirit of a knife fight

That leaves one dead

I dropped a pebble

From my shoe


Into a well

Working with emptiness

While waiting

On the plumbed


Sound sung

In the ruffled

Throat of a singed

Songbird and saw


My teeth in the mirror

Fallen out at your feet

Wishing you

A moneyed future


Retreating like a cowering

Unloveable double-agent

To the shade

Of an unspoken elm tree


While waiting for the sun

To drop below the branch-line.

So with lights out the film rolled

Sprockets clicking clacking


Like a roller coaster ascending

And looking down

I saw you

Standing by the car


In the parking lot

Eating the last of the cotton candy

Searching for your keys

And waved an unanswerable wave.


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