20150221_102803_HDR~3 1

Back before the age of good plastic

Wisdom began with knowing the names of dogs

And mustaches were made to withstand revolutions

We looked to the East for our scapegoats


As small cheers would rumble through the contagions

With every new boatload coughed up on shore.

Never in our wild imaginings did we dream

Of the revenue streams drying as we hopelessly


Fed them our tears, constellations, precision parts

And the territorial fishing rights we had stolen

From the red nations for jobs in blanket factories.

But, we were desperate, gears need to mesh,


So we’ve sewn up the nets and released the butterflies

Into the corporate atrium, this is you buy we fry.

Get your tickets now because there’s one in there

With enough meat on its bones to feed half your family.


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