I turned a blind corner

Into a deaf alley

And in the vacuum

Dogs howled soundlessly


Till dawn’s rusty lips

Smacked with decorous

Thunder but all I

Recall of you is you:


Dripping your pearls

Into the maw of an

ATM making it none the



Obselete as a mailbox

No life breathes into me.

We all know how each other is doing.

Or merely don’t care.



sprung lament

myers park 1

A spendthrift heart
Goes broke nonetheless
When the money runs out
With the guy on the motorcycle.

We put the roof up first.
We were young.
I didn’t have a belly.
Your ass wasn’t so wide.

How many walls did we raze
Until the ceiling became the floor
Like some game you play
In the back of an elementary school

classroom when its raining out
and the teacher needs a break
as much as her students?
Enough I guess.