Memory & Forgetting


We love as if composing a poem
While falling asleep in bed at night.
In the morning we awaken
Unable to remember what we wrote.

The dust of our last embrace
Settles over everything.
Then the wind comes
And blows it all away.

Sorry, I keep forgetting to close the window.

Found in the non-poem
Of it all is the poem-essence
Of things which escaped
From neglect of passwords,

Codes, processes, and procedures
And suffering no comparisons
Collected strength word by word
Poem by poem song by song

Until in glory undone by them all;
Given the small things in life
The smallest become smaller
Before our eyes this is,

These are to be enjoyed
But without a word so wordlessly
Gone who will be left
To shoulder such a timid heft?

I know what to need, what not,
What to put in and what to leave out.
As for the rest of it,
The all of it, that is up you.


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