I am presently
In discussion, negotiations and parlay
With major service providers
And minor conspiracy theorists

On the presumptive launch
Of a new revenue stream
That may not lift all boats
But should pay the notes down on a few

I share this with you
Because you are an idea man,
A suggestion box, a blank slate
And I, I am white as chalk

Speaking of which
We can repurpose tears
To hydrate the next hot bullet moment
With a simple call or text

But I digress so much so
I bump into my business end
Cresting the horizon.
Each dawn is a new day

And what we let go of
We seize with Latin fervor
And temporal disdain.
You see where I’m going?

Let’s broadcast funerals!
Narratives, back-stories,
Pain, empathy, compassion,
Not to mention product tie-ins

Such as but not limited to
The clothes, the hair,
Plus-size coffins, satin pillows
Pray the rosary, downloadable

To each and every hand held device
Devised to drive that wedge
Like a ball-peen hammer lobotomy.
What do we care if we don’t feel?

Have you? Felt before?
It’s worrisome
So pluck the tension
And ameliorate the misgivings.

The thing itself contains
The kernel of its own demise
So get while the getting’s good
And before you get gone.

Target demographics
Are truly many-splendored things.
We’ll never run out of ideas, contestants or corpses,
The only limit will be our imaginations.


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