I’m Confessin’…

Just want everyone to know that…well…I’m…um. Gay.

Yes, it’s true. I’ve been gay for a few months now.

I’ve always questioned it. But now believe I was born this way.

Well, I was born a little blob of congealing cells that matured in a certain time and certain place.

It’s taken me some convincing myself but what’s the alternative? Persuading myself that I was sad, unhappy, not-gay, ungay?

Lately I have found myself to be festive, merry, gleeful, jocose, jocular, jocund, jolly, jovial, laughing, mirthful and sunny and refuse to deny it. Rather, I accept it. Embrace it. Love it.

What did you think I meant?

Oh, sexuality…I’m flattered that you think of me in that way and don’t get me wrong I like to…with… and sometimes…with….who doesn’t?

Maybe sex is just fill in the blanks while sexuality is happy?

So in closing I say, on this beautiful day, the only today we’ll ever have, I hope you’re all extremely gay.


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