Upper Great Plains Mise En Scène



Once in one

Of the Dakotas

Sipping brandy

& listening to kiwi pop


Light broke through

A fractured pane

And scattered on the floor

Like marbles


You arrive

At such moments

Trailing behind

Your trained lemur


Francisco is a gentle, old soul

A poet in another life

Or maybe a day laborer

He tugs at the chin strap


Of his tiny red fez

And we laugh

And laugh

Like in the days


When we loved

Each other more than ourselves

Or a lemur dressed like a bellhop

In a late 80’s indie film


But we always ignored the furtive cues

And that’s why across the miles

Here in Wyoming starting tomorrow

Or the day after that


I’m drying out

To wither away

Like fallen leaves

From a fallen oak


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