The Why

Not much goes as far as it used to. Fried egg sandwich a cup of coffee some grapefruit for breakfast and I’m already hungry again. It’s not even 10 o’clock. Been thinking a lot lately about home. Not going home. About being home. Being home when I was a kid but I’m this size. This age. Riding around the neighborhood. 

It’s almost too real. The sights and smells are all around. The feel and sound of the wind on my face just feels like a cool ruffling. And I know. You can’t go back. Once it’s gone, its gone. So why now? All of sudden? Me, full of questions. 

Maybe that’s the why. As I pedal down the street. The why…Ephemeral but nice. You learn that with age. Or you don’t. Anyway, gotta go. Heading down to St. Joe’s crick. Meeting some friends down there I haven’t seen in a long, long time.


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