When troubled occurred during the commercial break we froze in a collective horror.

This was stretching our entertainment dollar in ways unforeseen,  unimaginable and unwanted.

Though the tickets were free the wait was interminable some began to mumble while others started starting clucking their tongues and twitching their thumbs as if invoking a remote control while poking the backs of the audience seats before them.

This “exacerbated the consternation” they told us later.

The man next to me was a retired Air Force colonel but he said, “It’s all auto-pilot these days” and dropped to the floor searching for an escape hatch or escape clause or dangling participle to hang onto in the midst of the unfolding brunt of slow-motion, self-referential chaos.

The last thing I remember is praying for someone to shoot out the lights thinking We’re all the same in the dark.


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