Three Squares

Day had broken.

The last eggs of empire were cooked and  the debate was settled:

No one cared anymore what came first only what came last

Served on a plate sunny side up  with bacon, toast and a side of hash browns,

OJ & coffee (two sugars)


Lunch was naked as a homoerotic dream


Dinner was to be goose

But we had lost the password to its homing device

And such a brouhaha ensued over caps sensitivity

You could have mistaken the row for an academic debate

But the template for that had been lost, too.


So now we were in the dark and once well-fed.

But as the sun had ascended and then dropped suddenly

(as if of its own accord)

We knew morning would bring

Pain in our bellies


And this pain would be different from that pain

But then again pain is pain all the same.

I just wish we had found that goose.


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