016-2-1024×661 (For a While But Not Always)


That’s like closing the barn door

After the genie has gotten out of the bottle.

I’ve seen this film before, its a mixed metaphor

BTW I had the mixed kebab for lunch.


To quote Howard Tate, “Get it while you can.”

Just the same you gotta break some eggs to make a pyramid

Though they weren’t made in a day.

There’s a helluva burger joint next door


Once you copyright your imagination;

It’s out there doomed to ride the back of the bus

But the way I see it stay clear of the mountaintop

& don’t make yourself an easy target


Work the valleys & furrow like tears in a runnel

As dog-eared young and not so young ladies sing their songs

Whittling canary-spits to bleed the masses.

The shallowest pools often have the deepest reflections.


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