Imminent Jam



English isn’t my first language:

It is the glossolalia of improving my mile.


Isn’t that what the man said?


Well, then, that always seems like always a

Hair further

Don’t it?

Man and woman alike can get tonguetwisted


Colloquially and in the finest farthest reaches

Of underpasses, townhomes and high-rises.

Eventually we trip over our tongues when the red light goes on.

By then, it’s time to get off anyways…


So knuckle under and buckle up, buttercup.

I’ll hold the steak knife to your supple chin

And by pray by dints, the glint on the blade

Blinds us all.

Look on Yonder Wall



Waiting on Heaven’s promises

Compromises our compassion.

Streams twine in dark synthesis

And come undone in a fashion


Like a river’s slow buckling reflects

Broken clouds across a changing sky.

The mutable watery aspects

Of wondering why.


… so comb your blonde hair,

Shine your blue eyes,

Hold back the edges of your gowns

You’ll get to paradise yet


Even if you have to chase it across the firmament

Only to find heaven is, as all things are, impermanent.

Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning


Poems are always getting

Snatched out of the ether

Between our ears

Or someone else’s


Like a candle flickers

Into a corner of a dark room.

We didn’t make the candle

Or build the room.


We struck the match

And more than sometimes

That is enough.

It’s ok.


Keep the tapers cool,

The matches dry and

All the corners stocked

With attributes and awareness.



Things get back to slipping

Smelling like something burning in a church.

Books pile up on the futon like dishes in the sink

Or vice versa  or Vice vs. Virtue


For all that it matters.

Memory is soup scalding the tip of your tongue

Cursing yourself for impatience.

But the check may clear yet.


The days are liquid

Like quicksilver in your hands

Heavy and poisonous as the mercury

Kept in a small recyclable plastic vial


In the pantry off the kitchen,

Its lid snapped tight, expiration date mutable

Unlike its neighbor the macaroni & cheese.

If I make coffee, will you stay for a cup?